When your hometown is known as the “Dinner Table of the South,” you know you are in for some “good eats.” Residents and visitors can chow down and get messy while savoring some of the best barbecue offered in the South or feast on dishes that will have your taste buds traveling the globe. One global pest found in the area also enjoys a good meal – a blood meal, and if area residents don’t employ professional pest control in Birmingham, they might be the next dish on a mosquito’s menu.

What Do Mosquitoes Look Like?

With warmer temperatures comes the anticipation of spending more time outdoors; this inevitably brings encounters with the dreaded mosquito. It’s hard to believe something so tiny can spoil outdoor fun, but they are experts at it. With a reputation for causing misery outdoors, it is wise to be aware of a mosquito's characteristics.

Four things that identify mosquitoes include:

  1. Their slender bodies measure 1/8 to 3/8 inches long.
  2. Their coloration is typically black or grey (they can also have silver, blue, white, or green scales)
  3. They have antennae, transparent wings, and six thin legs.
  4. They use their mouthparts (proboscis) to pierce people’s skin. 

A female mosquito is the blood seeker; she needs it to reproduce. While the aftermath of her bite can leave people with some annoying aftereffects, the real danger comes from the diseases she can leave behind.

How Dangerous Are Mosquito Bites?

Mosquitoes in Birmingham have the (well-earned) reputation for being one of the deadliest animals. Every year over one million people die from diseases associated with the mosquito.

Three diseases commonly transmitted by mosquitoes in the United States include:

  1. Encephalitis
  2. Dengue
  3. West Nile virus

Other diseases that are less common in the United States (usually brought back to the U.S. after traveling abroad) include:

  • Malaria
  • Zika virus
  • Yellow fever
  • Tularemia
  • Chikungunya

Bites from mosquitoes usually end up causing an irritating welt that itches like crazy, but when mosquitoes feed off an infected host, they can transmit diseases to people. The best way to ensure mosquito populations in your yard are kept to a minimum is with help from a trusted pest professional like Pest Control Experts.

How Do I Prevent Mosquitoes Around My Yard?

Homeowners are not without remedies for getting rid of mosquitoes from their yards. With some simple clean-up measures, homeowners can effectively eliminate things that tend to attract mosquitoes.

Some simple fixes around the yard include:

  • Trimming yards short
  • Trimming bushes and hedges
  • Removing items that can hold standing water
  • Removing leaves lying in your yard and clogging gutters (keep water flowing freely)
  • Frequently changing the water in ornamental features (like birdfeeders)

Because female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, it is vitally important that homeowners pay special attention to any areas around their yard that can facilitate mosquito breeding. When you have a company like Pest Control Experts in your corner, they can help you identify problem areas around your yard and work with you to eliminate them.

What’s The Best Mosquito Control For My Yard?

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard can only be obtained by using the pest professionals at Pest Control Experts. We have been providing environmentally safe pest control services to the Birmingham area since 2011. Our commitment to natural ways to keep mosquitoes away ensures that we protect the environment and those you care about while removing the pest plaguing your home or yard. Call Pest Control Experts today to receive a free inspection, and let us help make your outdoor experiences safe and enjoyable.