Ants are one of the most common pests known for creating aggravation among people engaging in outdoor activities where food is being prepared or consumed, such as barbeques and picnics. While the presence of ants in natural, outdoor environments is a reasonable expectation, these pests will also infiltrate homes when actively foraging for food and quickly begin appearing in droves. 

Belonging to the family Formicidae, ants exist in more than 10,000 species worldwide. Ants generally range in size from 1/3 to ½ of an inch in length and have a durable exoskeleton, six legs, and antennae. They appear in colors such as yellow, red, brown, and black. 

Most ant species form massive colonies with others composed of categories or castes consisting of males, queens, and workers, each with defined roles that support the betterment of the group. Originating as an egg, ants develop through phases as larvae and pupae before reaching adulthood. 

Is your home the site of a worsening ant infestation? Promptly consulting with a professional service provider is generally the best course of action. A licensed Birmingham pest control company receives continuous training and understands what attracts ants to homes, as well as how to keep ants away.

Common Types Of Ants That Invade Birmingham Homes

Are you wondering how many types of ants are there in the Birmingham region? Many different species exist, and some of the most common include: 

  • Argentine ants: Usually appearing in a shade of brown, Argentine ants often form large trails when foraging and will enter structures in large numbers.
  • Carpenter ants: Known for eroding wooden structures to form nests, carpenter ants usually are black and red and measure approximately 3/16 to ¾ of an inch in length. 
  • Fire ants: Capable of delivering a painful and venomous sting, fire ants are small creatures with a reddish-brown appearance.
  • Pavement ants: Typically measuring 1/8 of an inch and appearing in brown or black, pavement ants commonly construct nests near sidewalks, driveways, and similar paved surfaces. 
  • Odorous house ants: With a tiny brown appearance, odorous house ants emit a foul odor when crushed.

Regardless of the species, ants communicate by emitting pheromone chemicals, which others will detect; therefore, word of newly found sources of food travels fast.

Ant Infestations Can Cause Many Problems In Your Home

As ants travel inside your home, they may spread germs and contaminate food sources. Are ants dangerous creatures? Experts see the majority of ant species as more of a nuisance pest than a human health risk. 

How To Prevent Future Ant Infestations In Your Home?

Limiting access to food sources is a key preventative strategy that requires keeping floors swept, counters wiped down, and ensuring trash cans containing food scraps have tightly-fitting lids. Exclusionary measures will help limit points of entry to your home. Some of the best practices include filling any cracks or crevices with sealant, installing sweeps along the base of exterior doors, and repairing any damaged window screens. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your House

Has an ant infestation developed in your home? Seeking assistance from a licensed pest control service provider is strongly encouraged to ensure the efficient resolution of these problems.

The team at Pest Control Experts provides high-quality ant control for Birmingham homeowners that are struggling with an intrusion involving these undesirable pests. Our qualified technicians continue creating positive outcomes for customers in Birmingham in the same way we have for over a decade now—using many of the latest products and application methods. Our specialists often use botanical products that meet the highest safety standards to benefit people, pets, and the local physical environment that we share. 

After contacting us, we will deploy a trained staff member to the property to conduct a detailed inspection of the premises. During this process, we will assess the nature and extent of the intrusion and explain the best potential treatment options. We look forward to speaking with you.