Effective Pest Control For Your Birmingham Business

Protecting your business from pests is a goal every business owner should have as a top priority. Still, often it’s overlooked until pests have already gotten inside and are wreaking havoc. If you’re a business owner who has firsthand experience with a pest infestation, you know what we’re talking about. In the blink of an eye, your job goes from managing everyday tasks to figuring out how to make structural repairs, replace your damaged inventory, and stop your revenue from drying up as word of the issue gets out to your customers. There’s a better way.

Pest Control Experts provides commercial pest control services that will protect your business from pests, so they don’t have a chance to become a problem for you. We serve businesses with environmentally-safe pest control delivered by Birmingham pest technicians with over a decade of experience. Whether pests are already active in your business or you want to avoid an infestation before it begins, Pest Control Experts can help.

Our Commercial Pest Control Process


Our commercial services are fully tailored to your business’s needs, so we start with an inspection of your facility to identify your specific pest control issues. We’ll look for active pests, entry points, harborage areas, and conducive conditions. Once complete, we’ll go over our findings with you, including making recommendations about steps you can take to mitigate your pest control problems. We’ll also provide you with a satellite site map to show you exactly where our systems will need to be installed.


Because our commitment is to provide you with effective treatments that don’t harm you, your employees and customers, or the environment, we use as few products as possible while still delivering the effective results you expect. We’ll set out monitors and other systems of protection and will limit product usage only to the areas where it’s absolutely necessary. We are always careful to adhere to both government and industry-specific regulations when developing your treatment plan.


A follow-up plan is essential if you want to keep your business pest-free. The Birmingham area is a place where pests are a problem year-round, so if you don’t have year-round protection, they will find their way inside. We recommend monthly follow-up services for the most effective pest protection. We’ll return to your business every month to assess our systems, reapply treatments where necessary, and ensure your full pest protection.

Specialty Services

Green Zone Termite

Need a termite prevention solution for your place of business? We’ve got you covered! From annual inspections to infestation treatments, PCE has the answer for your termite needs.


The PureOrganix program utilizes organic and botanical insecticides for use inside your business to minimize or eliminate chemical use.

Smart Mosquito

Our Smart Mosquito program eliminates the need to spray your property. It is fully effective against mosquitoes while not harming beneficial insects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are your qualifications for commercial pest control?

At Pest Control Experts, we take our commitment to you seriously. That’s why our technicians are fully trained and licensed. We hold our public health license, ground applicator license, household pest license, and wood-destroying organism license. We have been solving pest problems in Birmingham for the past decade.

What types of businesses and industries do you service?

We provide pest control to a wide variety of industries. These include:

  • Government and military
  • Food services
  • Industrial 
  • Medical 
  • Agricultural
  • Education

If you don’t see your industry listed above, contact us to see if we can be of service. Please note: We do not provide commercial pest control to multi-family apartment buildings.

What makes Pest Control Experts stand out from other pest control companies?

The main difference between our competitors and us is our commitment to providing safe and environmentally-friendly pest management to our customers. We use roughly 80% fewer chemically-based products than our competitors while delivering the same effective results. We also offer free inspections and free reservices and are highly rated by our customers.