Locking Pests Out Of Your Birmingham Home, Permanently

Do you own or manage residential property here in Birmingham? If so, you understand how important it is to protect your investment from pest activity, especially during the warmer months. One of the best ways to keep pests far away from your home or business is to invest in professional exclusion from Pest Control Experts. With over a decade of experience dealing with common Birmingham pests, our Birmingham pest control providers have everything you need to get and stay safe all year round.

Pest Exclusion Services From Pest Control Experts

At Pest Control Experts, we make it easy to defend your property against insects, critters, and rodents local to Birmingham. Our unique exclusion control uses three primary steps to keep your home infestation-free.

  • Our exclusion service takes place inside, outside, above, and under your home, ensuring that all potential areas are blocked from pest entry.
  • Proper identification of invasive pests is crucial in any successful exclusion program, which is why PCE utilizes high-tech equipment like motion cameras and UV tracking powders along with years of experience to ensure a pest-free environment.
  • Pest Control Experts provides household repairs of all kinds, including carpentry repair work for damage caused by animals and pests.

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Easy Ways To Exclude Pests Before They Get Inside

Now here's a pro tip: The best and most efficient way to keep pests out of the house is to keep them from getting interested in your property! These days, all pests really need is a house, some water, and easily accessible food. Check out these easy steps for keeping them out all year long.

  • Cut back bushes and shrubs: Pests love the bushes, trees, and hedges in your lawn. Not only do they offer protection, easy food access, and good cover for nests, but they can introduce secondary infestations as well. Get rid of your pests' favorite hiding spots by taking a weed trimmer to the vegetation hanging over the house and yard. This preventative measure will make it harder for pests to access entry points and also give your home a cleaner look.
  • Check for breezes: Do wind tunnels exist near your house? Are there any gaps in the foundation where airflow is too great? Is there an attic fan that's drawing pests inside? You can easily fix these things by sealing off openings with good weatherproofing materials. Try using caulk, expanding foam insulation, or silicone sealant on cracks, holes, or fissures. This step will make it harder for new pests to invade and easier for you to spot the ones already inside!
  • Remove excess food: Pests really love human trash and old food, especially when it's easy to reach. They thrive on crumbs, spills, and garbage that's been left out for too long. Make sure you clean up your messes after every meal and put all food into sealed containers or the fridge. And whatever you do, don't let the dirty dishes sit for too long.

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Pest Control Insulation

Did a previous infestation leave you with damaged attic insulation? Maybe there just isn’t enough insulation and you’ve heard the good news about energy-efficient cellulose insulation. Either way, we have the solution for you! Pest Control Experts is a proud installer of TAP Pest Control Insulation.

Pest Control Experts Is Ready To Help!

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