Quality Pest Solutions In Huntsville, AL

Home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and thus referred to as “Rocket City,” the city of Huntsville, AL is the largest city in the state. We’re located in the Appalachian region of Northern Alabama, and we get visitors all year long. However, some of these visitors can wreak havoc on our homes and businesses. Pest populations pose a real threat to Huntsville properties, which is why it’s important to secure the proper pest protection.

The team at Pest Control Experts is here to cater to all your pest control needs. Since 2011, our team has been providing comprehensive residential and commercial pest solutions throughout Huntsville and the surrounding areas. If you’re looking for Madison County pest control that is effective and reliable, you’ve come to the right place. Call today for your free estimate and inspection.

Residential Pest Control In Huntsville, AL

Owning a home is a lot of work, and unfortunately, that includes protecting your property from household pest infestation. Pests can harm your house as well as your loved ones inside of it, and it’s a good idea to secure the proper protection.

Whatever kind of pest situation you’re facing in your Huntsville home, we’re here to help. We’ve serviced over 200 homes with residential pest solutions that last. Our home pest control process entails the following:

  • An inspection conducted based on customer inquiry 
  • Checking areas of the home that pests often occupy
  • Thorough interior and exterior inspection for entry points 
  • Detecting conditions and pest issues in the attic, crawlspace, and basement
  • Looking for damage and conducive conditions that encourage pest activity
  • Placing monitors to check for activity using botanically based products 
  • Interior treatment using nature-based products that are botanically blended
  • Exterior treatment depending on the season to fight the current and future pest pressures

Get in touch with us today for the most effective pest protection in the area. We work hard to bring you pest control that Mother Nature would choose because protecting your home as well as the environment is our number one priority.

Commercial Pest Control In Huntsville, AL

For complete commercial pest services, look no further than the team at Pest Control Experts. We’ve worked with all kinds of properties, such as government facilities, food services, industrial properties, medical, agriculture, and educational facilities.

We hold a number of industry qualifications, including our:

  • Public health license 
  • Ground applicator license 
  • Household pest license 
  • WDO license

Our qualified team specializes in green botanical pest control, taking the IPM and environmental approach to treat the premises using 80% fewer chemicals than our competitors. Once treatment is complete, we return for ongoing services on a monthly basis to bring you continued pest protection. Call today.

A Handy Guide To Effective Ant Control For Your Huntsville Property

Once you’ve identified ant attractants around your property, it’s time to get serious about your prevention methods. If you want to minimize your exposure to ant activity, there are some things you can do. Here is a handy guide to effective ant control for your Huntsville property:

  • Maintain a high level of cleanliness and practice proper sanitation throughout your house. 
  • Never leave pet food out and always store it in sealed plastic containers.
  • Promptly clean up spills and crumbs; keep food stored in tightly sealed containers.
  • Regularly wipe down counters, sticky jars, and other residues around the house.
  • Repair any leaky pipes, faulty faucets, as well as malfunctioning drains, gutters, and downspouts.
  • Take out the garbage often and keep it in a tightly sealed trash can outside with a lid.
  • Use a dehumidifier in moisture-rich areas of the house like basements, crawlspaces, and attics.

These tips can help, but the best way to deal with ants around your property is to seek out help from the pest professionals. The team at Pest Control Experts is highly experienced in the complete identification, elimination, and prevention of ant infestation. Call us today to get started.

The Dangerous Truth About Cockroaches In Your Huntsville Home

Roaches are invasive pests that are undoubtedly upsetting to discover in your home. The dangerous truth about cockroaches in your Huntsville home is that they cause widespread contamination that can become very dangerous. They leave saliva, feces, shed skin, and all kinds of excrement everywhere they go.

Cockroach droppings contaminate the premises as well as the insulation, causing allergens and pathogens that can lead to a variety of illnesses. Some cockroach-related illnesses include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, dysentery, cholera, listeriosis, giardia, E. coli infection, and others. If you suspect cockroach activity around your home, it’s essential to get the proper assistance.

Your best approach for controlling cockroach activity is regular service from the pest professionals. The team at Pest Control Experts is here to address all your cockroach control and prevention needs. Contact us today for more information on our cockroach control services, and we’ll start the process right away.