Quality Pest Control In Montgomery, AL

As the capital of Alabama, the city of Montgomery is a both a cultural and historical hub where countless families and individuals look to call home. Montgomery is home to the Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, and the stunning state capital. Additionally, Montgomery is known for its eclectic food scene and variety of locally-owned businesses. Unfortunately, pest problems can happen at any time in a big city like Montgomery, and with conditions that are warm and humid for most of the year, that adds an extra layer of potential issues.

At Pest Control Experts, we seek to provide local homeowners and businesses with the safest pest control around. Our Montgomery County pest control is based in safe practices and eco-friendly products, with our mission being to eradicate current problems and prevent future ones without causing any undue harm. 

Residential Pest Control In Montgomery

Your Montgomery home is your safe space, but when pest problems happen, it might not feel that way. At Pest Control Experts, we have been dedicated to providing the safest residential pest control since 2011. Every customer journey begins with a detailed inspection of your entire property in order to properly identify pest activity and understand the ways that we can help prevent issues in the future. We then move to treat both the interior and exterior of your property with eco-friendly products because we believe that you should never have to risk safety to see results. With our residential pest control program, we work to treat pests like cockroaches, ants, rodents, and many more. To further restore your peace of mind, your satisfaction is always guaranteed. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Montgomery

At Pest Control Experts, we believe that keeping businesses pest-free shouldn’t have to require the use of harsh chemicals. All of our commercial pest control programs exclusively use safe, eco-friendly products and practices in order to provide maximum coverage with minimal interruption. Our services work to actively address harmful pests like spiders, stinging insects, cockroaches, ants, rodents, and many more. In addition to the high level of service that you’ll receive when you partner with us, we also promise to always provide a pest-free guarantee. For more information on commercial pest control, contact us today.

Montgomery's Helpful Guide To Rat Control

Rats will do everything they can to gain entrance into properties around Montgomery. In order to prevent an infestation, try these tips:

  • Keep a tidy yard. Rats are very skilled climbers, so trim back any overhanging trees, hedges, and other greenery that could be used as a bridge into a building. 
  • Seal up openings. These pests are also capable of fitting through very small openings, so install door sweeps and use materials like wire mesh, steel wool, and silicone-based caulk to fill up openings. 
  • Tend to food. Any food that’s sitting out uncovered is fair game to rats, so be sure to store pantry items in secure containers with properly locking lids. 
  • Aim for cleanliness. Rats thrive in clutter, so remove all stacks of old newspapers and packing materials, clean up crumbs and spills, and take the trash out often. 
  • Rectify moisture issues. Rats require a steady source of water, which is why fixing leaky pipes and faucets is so key. It’s also important to keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated.
  • Find a pro. Rats can be very dangerous pests because of their ability to spread illnesses and other pests, so when it comes to their prevention and eradication, the safest route is professional assistance. 

For more information on safe and effective rat control, contact Pest Control Experts today. 

Ant Management In Montgomery

For Montgomery property owners, ants can become an issue at any point in time. Try these tips to limit their populations:

  • Store food properly. One of the most enticing things for ants is food, especially of the sweet and sugary variety. Always keep food stored in secure containers and dispose of anything that’s past its sell-by date. 
  • Keep things clean. Because ants will eat anything, it’s important to also maintain a certain level of cleanliness, particularly as it pertains to food items. Tidy up after spills and crumbs, do the dishes regularly, and don’t allow garbage to pile up. 
  • Fix leaks. Another thing that ants require is a water source, so be sure to fix leaking pipes, downspouts, faucets, and other fixtures when they become troublesome. 
  • Secure all openings. To keep ants from invading a property, it’s crucial to address any space that they could fit through, which includes gaps around doors, cracks in the foundation, and through open windows. Use materials like weather stripping, door sweeps, and caulk. 
  • Contact a professional. Limiting ants in a property is a very difficult task and requires a high level of vigilance. The most reliable way to prevent these pests is with the assistance of a local pest expert. 

For more information on ant control, contact Pest Control Experts today.