Pest Control In Prattville, Alabama

Just outside of Montgomery, we are close enough to the city but far enough to maintain a hometown feel. One of Prattville's quirks is its nickname, "The Fountain City," named after the many artesian wells we have, adding to why this is one of the best places to live in Alabama.

Whether you live in a city, suburb, or rural area, your home or business is susceptible to pest infestations. Over thousands of years, pests have adapted to relying on humans for easy access to food and other essential resources. 

But you can protect your property through ongoing professional pest control. The Pest Control Experts already assist many people with their Autauga County pest control needs using the most trusted methods and products.

Residential Pest Control In Prattville

Finding pests in your home can make the best days into bad ones. Depending on the pest you are dealing with, they may infest in large numbers, but no matter what, they will create a stressful and possibly dangerous environment. To keep pests out of your home, work with Pest Control Experts for the best control and prevention.

At Pest Control Experts, we tailor residential pest control services to meet your specific needs. We do this by first inspecting your property for damage, entry points, and conducive conditions. Using our inspection findings, we will treat according. Treatment can include:

  • Discreet placement of monitoring devices 
  • Use of exclusively organic or non-chemical products inside your home
  • Seasonal exterior treatments 
  • And more!

Most of our customers benefit from quarterly treatments, which provide monitoring and re-treatment every three months. Contact us at Pest Control Experts to learn more about how we can assist you in Prattville.

Commercial Pest Control In Prattville

Commercial properties often have many moving parts to keep a business up and running. One of these parts is ensuring a pest-free environment, so customers and employees are safe and products are protected. While this is essential, it's a lot to ask of someone who already has much on their plate. Our team at Pest Control Experts wants to help you by providing personalized commercial pest control solutions. 

Anytime we begin work on a new property, we start with a full inspection to identify specific pest issues, harborage areas, entry points, and other indicators of potential pests. After we finish the inspection, we will review our findings with you and make recommendations to help alleviate pest pressures. 

Our satellite site maps set us apart from other pest control companies by showing you exactly where our systems need to be for the most effective results. We also use minimum products to maintain the safety of everyone on the property. Plus, we adhere to industry-specific and government regulations.

After the initial service, we will follow up each month to assess the systems and treatments that provide you with ongoing protection. Call us at Pest Control Experts to set up an inspection of your commercial property!

Benefits Of Professional Ant Treatment For Prattville Homes

Ants are one pest many people think they can handle on their own. With the many over-the-counter (OTC) products available, it seems like ant control is a quick and easy process, but the truth is these products rarely yield the results you are looking for and, in some cases, can make an infestation worse.

There are two big reasons why store-bought products are not enough to treat an ant problem:

  1. Ants use pheromones to communicate with each other if there is danger or if they find food, so if you crush, spray, or bait this pest, they will call the rest of their colony.
  2. These products don't get to the root of the problem, such as why and how they are infesting. Ants will continue to re-infest without fixing these issues, no matter how effective the product is at eliminating them.

Professionals can identify the species you are dealing with to implement the most appropriate treatments. Plus, they can discover the how and why ants are getting into your home, providing you with recommendations and services to rectify these issues.

To obtain the benefits of professional ant control in Prattville, call Pest Control Experts!

Preventing Summer Spider Infestations In Prattville

Did you know that if you are dealing with a spider problem in your home, other pests are likely in your home? Spiders are predators, so they are attracted to places with plenty of prey pests for them to feed. Year-round pest prevention is the best way to keep spiders away in the summer. 

Prattville residents can work with Pest Control Experts for quarterly service visits that treat seasonal pests, providing you with ongoing protection from insects and spiders. We recommend that you also inspect the exterior of your home for weaknesses where pests can enter, keep your home clean of food debris, and reduce excess moisture. 

Not only will our residential pest control services keep spiders away, but they will help you maintain a pest-free environment, so call us at Pest Control Experts today!