The Pest Control Mother Nature Would Choose

A home and yard free of dangerous pests AND chemicals is the goal of PureOrganix pest management programs from Pest Control Experts. Since our inception, PCE has adhered to a “do no harm” policy regarding pesticide applications. As a company, Pest Control Experts is well aware of the potential harm that certain pest prevention programs can cause to beneficial insects such as honey bees, butterflies, and more. As such, PCE offers an array of products and services that match our “do no harm” policy. We now have environmentally conscious solutions for pests, termites, and mosquitoes.

Our team of Birmingham, AL pest experts proudly offers Pure Organix as your safe pest solution designed to stop Birmingham pests in their tracks. Don't wait to receive the protection you've needed all along.

Our PureOrganix Service

You deserve to say goodbye to all manner of pests without risking exposure to harmful chemicals. That's why our team takes the health and safety of you and your loved ones seriously. To give you what you deserve, we've developed our PureOrganix service to protect your home and office.

We do not use dangerous chemicals at any point during your routine treatments! Instead, the program utilizes organic and botanical insecticides for use inside your home or business, and products that follow our “do no harm” protocols around the exterior.

Our comprehensive approach ensures you gain the protection you need from over 60+ pests including:

Not only do we keep you safe and healthy, but also we make sure you enjoy nothing less than complete satisfaction. That's why if you need any additional treatment between your regular visits, we'll provide a follow-up service at no additional charge!

Take Charge Of Pests On Your Property

Take charge of your property and well-being by reaching out to Pest Control Experts to explore your Pure Organix Service options. Contact us today to request a quote and get started on becoming pest-free in your Birmingham home or business.