Mosquito Prevention That Requires 85% Less Spraying

It's no surprise mosquitoes in Birmingham rank high for most annoying pests to face during the warmer months. Even worse, the Birmingham area is warm most of the year, making these pests an all too common occurrence.

Despite their reputation for being a nuisance, thanks to the itchy welts they leave behind after feeding, mosquitoes are also potentially dangerous. Fortunately, our Birmingham pest management team has developed Smart Mosquito, a mosquito prevention program that uses up to 85% fewer chemical applications than conventional methods.

How Does Smart Mosquito Work?

Our goal here at Pest Control Experts is to provide quality pest management services that protect your home AND the environment. With that in mind, we created Smart Mosquito, the scientific approach to mosquito management. Instead of relying on a program of 12 or more seasonal pesticide spray applications to protect your property, we have developed a comprehensive and environmentally conscious program that uses, on average, 85% less chemical spraying than the other guys.

Through the use of Smart Mosquito stations, monthly property inspections, larvicide applications, and a twice per season spray application, your property will see significant reductions in mosquito populations. At the same time you’ll be helping to protect the beneficial insects, such as honey bees and butterflies, and helping reduce the overall amount of pesticides in the environment.

What Dangers Do Mosquitoes Pose?

Ultimately, the biggest danger people face when mosquitoes are around is disease transmission. Some of the most common in the United States are:

  • Dengue fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Eastern equine encephalitis
  • Chikungunya

If you travel to other countries, you run the risk of contracting other common diseases, such as malaria, yellow fever, and Zika, among several others. Unfortunately, there is no standardized treatment available since these illnesses affect people differently.

Due to the inherent danger mosquitoes pose, it's always a good idea to leave mosquito control in the hands of trained professionals. Even better, we offer a specific methodology to ensure complete success for the most effective home pest control available.

Our Smart Mosquito Service

Effective residential and commercial pest control in Birmingham, AL is more than just spraying a solution and hoping we get lucky. More importantly, it should be done in a manner that's safe for you and the other inhabitants on the property. To achieve this, Smart Mosquito requires zero chemical spraying, meaning:

  • No harm to beneficial insects
  • Effectiveness not decreased by rain
  • Fewer chemicals are applied around your home

In addition, our service is performed monthly instead of every 21 days like a more conventional service. As such, you'll only need eight treatments instead of the traditional 12-13 for the results you want and need.

We're so confident in our ability to eliminate your mosquito problem that is beyond your expectations we offer a money-back guarantee. That's right! We'll buy the stations back from you if you aren't completely satisfied with Smart Mosquito.

Don't let your mosquito problems linger longer than necessary. Contact Pest Control Experts today to request a quote and get started with our Smart Mosquito service!