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Common Pests

Were you walking out your front door
this morning and suddenly became a

Judo master? Learn more about the

creature that can send you in to an

instant panic here.

Waterbugs, palmetto bug, winged

spawn of Satan...whatever you may

call it, learn more about roaches here.

Did you just fall through your floor? Could be due to this tiny creature of destruction. Click here to learn more about the dreaded termite.

Ouch! That bites! Click here to find out more about the powerhouse pest known as the ant.

Itchy and scratchy? Click here to learn more about these parasitic pests.

From the sewers of downtown to the attics of suburban neighborhoods. Click here to learn more about rats.

Let me are calling us while standing on your dining room table because of the tiny terror that is the mouse. Click here to learn more.

 This group will have you running for the hills, or for the nearest bottle of bug repellent.

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