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What's Covered?

  • Pureorganix offers protection for the interior and exterior of your home or office. 

  • No need for harsh chemicals - The Pureorganix program utilizes organic and botanical insecticides for use inside  your home.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed! In the rare occasion that you might need an additional treatment between your regular visits to fix a pest problem, Pest Control Experts offers a follow up visit at no additional charge!

  • Your Pureorganix  program covers the following pests:

    • Cockroaches​

    • Ants

    • Spiders

    • Mice/Rats

    • Bees & Wasps (excluding honey bees)

    • And many more!

Studying the Data


The final phase of our testing is now complete! After careful analysis, we are confident in our claims that we have developed an effective program for pest management using botanical blends and  organic pest control products and methods.



Countless hours of research have gone into

the development of the PureOrganix




The dream of organic pest management started years ago. Now after a lengthy development process, we have created a program that is as equally Earth friendly as it is effective.

Direction of Pest Control


Pest Control companies have been looking for ways to continually decrease the amount of pesticides applied in and around homes for the past few years. With that, we wanted to develop a program to completely remove synthetic pesticides from inside the home. That is what we have accomplised with PureOrganix.





We have been busy experimenting with different methods, application rates, and ideas to come up with the absolute best solution for pest management without synthetic or organophosphate pesticides being applied inside the home.

Protect the Honey Bee!

Pest Control Experts is dedicated to aiding in the conservation of local honey bee populations. With our environmentally conscious approach to pest management, we are helping to ensure the honey bee can continue to help the world go 'round. For starters, Smart Mosquito by Pest Control Experts has helped to reduce pesticide applications for our customers by nearly 90%! 

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