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Termite protection Pest Control Experts | Birmingham AL

Protect your home from termites and unnecessary chemicals.

Simply put, we don't like the idea of pumping hundreds of gallons of chemicals into the ground around people's homes, especially our own. And yes, that is the good old-fashioned way termite control in Birmingham and all around the southeast has been done for decades. Literally pumping between 100-200 gallons of liquid termiticide around the foundations of mosts homes in our area has been the way termite prevention has always been done.

We couldn't do it...



Thankfully science and the folks at BASF came up with a solution! Between thorough (and we mean up, down, under, inside, out, and above your protected property) inspections and a system of small stations placed around your home or business, you will have protection from termites, without the environmental impact of the traditional methods.  

Want a quote? Need a termite inspection? 

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