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Flea Treatment Preparation Checklist


In order for our Flea Control program to work, we need your help! By completing the steps below you can help ensure the success of your flea treatments.


1.  All items removed from floors (including closets, under beds, etc.).

2.  All non carpet areas swept and mopped. If carpets are to be cleaned, this should be done prior to treatment.

3.  All carpet and furniture vacuumed and contents disposed of outside.

4.  Pet bedding cleaned or discarded.

5.  All pets removed from home.       
Aquariums are to be covered and pumps turned   off during treatment. Pumps should remain off for   minimum of four (4) hours after treatment. 


6.  Turn off A/C before treatment begins.

7.  Cut grass and remove all leaves in order for lawn areas to be treated if necessary. 

8.  Vacuum entire home daily for 5 days following treatment. This will increase the effectiveness of the flea control program.

9.  Do not enter treated ares for a minimum of 3 hours.

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