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What's new for 2024?

Smart Mosquito gets an upgrade: As technology advances, so does our environmentally-conscious mosquito management program. For 2024, PCE will be adding Inzecto mosquito traps to the Smart Mosquito arsenal. These traps will work along side our existing program to help trap the early emerging mosquitos that hatch as winter ends. The mosquito management program you already love just keeps getting better and better!

Changes to our same-day cancellation policy: Cancelling a previously confirmed appointment within 24 hours of said appointment time will result in a $25 late cancellation fee. Since modern-day pest management is all about preventing pests before they get in to your home, the days of needing routine interior treatments are long gone. Plus, why have unnecessary pesticides applied inside when your home is already pest free?

New Billing Address: Pest Control Experts' put down roots in Chelsea, AL as we have finished moving into our new offices! Our new mailing address is:

16161 US Highway 280

Suite 3

Chelsea, AL 35043

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