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Pest Control Experts introduces new logo and…

...a new look for 2024, plus so much more!

Inside this article:

  • News for Smart Mosquito customers.

  • We unveil our new look!

  • Service and pricing updates

For Smart Mosquito...

...customers, mosquito prevention season comes early this year as PCE shifts to a more advanced prevention strategy. Early-season baiting prevents mosquitoes at a substantially higher number when compared to beginning in mid March or later. We have fielded multiple calls already this year about mosquito activity in our area, and it's only February! Look for your first mosquito prevention services to begin following the week of February 26th. You'll also notice the deployment of innovative new products this year, as we continue to improve upon our environmentally friendly mosquito prevention program.

Click the link in the picture above to learn more about Smart Mosquito

"Early season baiting prevents the need for all those spray applications."

-Sara Lynch, Level 3 Technician

Note: Conventional mosquito prevention programs will begin mid-March as per usual.

New Year, New Look!

This year we have added a logo to elevate and help identify our commitment to protecting the environment while also managing and preventing pests, in and around your home, business, farm, warehouse, government facility, skyscraper, or tons of other places Pest Control Experts work can be seen. Now we just have to figure out what to name our new beetle friend!

Updates to services and pricing

Since 2011, we’ve consistently invested in advancing our technology, adding to the services that benefit our customers, and improving our industry-leading approach to environmentalism in pest management. We will continue to invest in improving your experience and continuing to earn your business for years to come. As such, we're increasing the price for some existing customers. Don't worry! It is only a slight increase so we can continue to offer the same great services provided by true Pest Control Experts! That slight increase will be used to further educate our staff, as many of our technicians work to become state certified in their selected fields of pest management. They will also help offset the staggering price increases we are experiencing from our product suppliers and manufacturers. We will notify all affected customers by email over the next few weeks.

If you've made it this far down the article, thanks!

T. Brian Lynch, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Pest Control Experts


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