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Yeah, we do that.

From residential, commercial, industrial, and even agricultural, PCE has a customized pest management solution to suit your needs. We use an intergrated pest management approach to ensure your property remains pest free. PCE also offers wildlife management and relocation services, as well as attic and crawl space insulation. Learn more here.

Commercial Control

Wether it be an office building, restaurant, or 24 square mile steel mill, we can build a custom pest management solution for any commercial application.

Be eco-friendly,  not bug friendly with





                                                                         100% organic pest management 


Residential Control

We have created a program to fit any home. It begins with a full interior and exterior inspection to pinpoint any areas that may lead to pest intrusion. After we eliminate any problem areas, our technicians will maintain an invisible barrier around your home to keep pests locked out.



PCE is proud to offer TAP brand pest control insulation! Experience the benefit of lower energy bills with the added bonus of continual pest prevention in your attic. Learn more about TAP at, or schedule a free estimate today